Give Back in Your Community!

Join the #MoveToEndDV Project! 

Meathead Movers’ #MoveToEndDV movement challenges businesses to help organizations in their communities, help victims of domestic violence. Learn how the #MoveToEndDV movement continues to grow.

In 1997, Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers in California. With the new business came frantic phone calls from victims looking to flee dangerous domestic violence situations, without financial means. One day, the situation turned volatile when the abuser came home in the middle of the move. It was then that Meathead Movers decided to partner with a local shelter to make sure the victims and moving crew were safe and supported. In 2001, Meathead Movers began its first official affiliation with a shelter. Since then, Meathead Movers has partnered with an additional seven shelters across California to move victims of domestic violence… for free.

For more than 15 years, Meathead Movers, the go-to California student athlete moving company, has been working with domestic violence-prevention shelters to move victims out of their homes and away from dangerous situations for free. In light of the growing cases of domestic violence, and on the heels of the national attention this free moving program has garnered, Meathead Movers is now encouraging businesses across the nation to step up and make an impact in their local communities as well. Meathead Movers is challenging 10,000 businesses to take the #MoveToEndDV pledge and make a donation or provide a product or service for free to help the shelters that support victims of domestic violence.

With the national attention these partnerships have garnered, combined with the outpouring of gratitude from victims and shelters, and the requests from businesses to get involved, Meathead Movers knew this effort was so much more than what Meathead Movers is doing. This movement is an opportunity for businesses nationwide to step up and support the #MoveToEndDV campaign and pledge to make a difference in their local communities.

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